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jonas drabbles

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a drabble community for the Jonas Brothers
jonas drabbles
a drabble community for the jonas brothers

Drabbles are stories that are 100 words long. They sound quite easy to write, but can sometimes be quite difficult to do. Thankfully, here at jonas drabbles, we will accept any drabble written about the Jonas Brothers. If it's 50 words or 784...as long as you meant it for this community, we want it!

What does the Jonas Brothers have to do with this? Well, once you hear the prompt, you think of a story that somehow involves the Jonas Brothers. It can be just one brother, the whole family, or maybe even a few brothers with some original characters you've created. Anything you want, as long as a Jonas Brother is somehow involved.

jonas drabbles.
What happens here is that your mod, breighan, will post a prompt, a word or phrase. When you read that word or phrase, you will hopefully be inspired, and you then go out and write something. Then you come back and post it for all to read. You can go ahead and post the drabble (or drabbles!) you've written, whether it was for the most recent prompt or the first one, whenever you want to. You can even post your own drabbles that weren't inspired by a prompt here! Posts from new authors will be approved by the mod, but once you prove your reliability, you will be able to post freely to the community.
Every three prompts, "special challenge" prompt will be posted - a little something extra you need to think about when writing your drabble. You don't have to participate in the special challenge, but they can be fun and challenging.

Yes, no one likes these. But they are necessary. Sorry.
> As stated before, atleast one Jonas Brother must be involved (preferably a main character) in your drabble. It's up to you to decide how exactly they'll be involved.
> We will accept any attempts you have made for a drabble, so don't worry about word count. Just keep in mind that the point of a drabble is that it's short.
> Please keep your stories tasteful. You may have any rating you would like, but we ask for no incest.
> No bashing on the Jonas Brothers, or other writers. If you don't love the Jonas Brothers, you shouldn't be here, and we only allow constructive criticism at this community. So please be nice. Also, as everyone knows, comments are the best. So please, read and then review.
> When posting a drabble, please use this format:

> When posting your drabble, make sure to tag your entry. Tags look like this: #___. It's your job to fill in that blank with the number that corresponds with the prompt from your drabble. If you didn't use a community prompt, use the tag #stand-alone.

In order to get more members to read and write, it would be lovely if anyone posted the html below in their journal or community. We appreciate the support.

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